Immunity coffee clatch with Randolf Nesse

Hey All,

On the list of coolest things I’ve gotten to do since starting college, chatting with Dr. Randy Nesse about the evolution of the human immune system for Arizona State University’s Center for Evolution and Medicine youtube channel ranks pretty high. I was at ASU this past October talking about our lab’s research on some pretty cool pathogens and the affects they have had on human and non-human primate evolution, when I was invited to sit with Dr. Nesse and chat on camera about how the immune system has evolved, and the importance of understanding how evolution affects disease. Now my tiny contribution to promoting evolutionary medicine is online alongside interviews with some serious biology superstars….which is kind of mind-blowing.

The entire channel can be found here  (I highly recommend checking it out. So many great and very accessible conversations about some important and fun science). I contributed 7 short little videos on a range of topics associated with infectious disease, the immune system and human evolution. The first of these videos can be found here.