Infectious disease and Aunt Flo

Hey All,

A few weeks back I had the honour of being interviewed by Dr. Kate Clancy for her excellent podcast “Period”. Period examines all things cultural and biological about menstrual cycle. Want to know how Periods for Politicians found its groove, or the biological reasons that PMS and PMDD occur, or why we and Killer whales undergo menopause? Maybe how menses is addressed in literature over time has been niggling at you. If any of this sounds interesting, Period is for you.

Dr. Clancy has 12 excellent episodes available on her website “Context and Variation”. You can find the introduction to the podcast here

In episode 8, “Menstrual-born killers”, I get to chat a bit about the potential health outcomes of bad menstrual hygiene. We also get into environmental impact of menstrual waste and measures menstruating women can take to reduce their footprint.  Check it out –