Lab technician

The Brinkworth Evolutionary Immunology and Genomics lab at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is seeking a laboratory technician. The position is responsible for the completion of cell experiments, including bacterial and parasitic infections of mammalian cells, maintenance of parasite and cel populations, complete of molecular library construction and cell-based assays, as well as maintenance of the lab and its inventory. This is a year long academic hourly position ($17-21/hour, approximately 40 hours a week), with the possibility of renewal, pending funding. 
Major Duties and Responsibilities
– Long term culturing of primary and immortalized cells
– Raising and maintaining microorganism populations (bacterial and parasite) and infecting eukaryotic cells with such organisms using clean immunology technique (40%)
– Completing a range of molecular and immunological assays and protocols, including ELISA, PCR, nucleic acid extraction, fluorescent microscopy, cell sorting and FACS and maintain associated lab records
– completion of library construction and cell-based assays (45%) 
– Help guide undergrads in lab support tasks (8%)
– Assist in maintaining lab and inventory (7%)
Position Qualifications 
Required: Bachelor degree in Biology, or a related field
Preferred: Bachelor degree in Anthropology or Evolutionary Biology,  
Experience raising pathogen populations in eukaryotic cells and history of long term culturing of primary and immortalized cells. 
Experience in microbiological or immunological research settings where the use of clean technique was required. 
Experience in cornerstone molecular techniques such as PCR, nucleic acid extraction. 
Experience rearing and infecting cells with BSL2 level pathogens. 
Strong attention to detail and meticulous lab notebook keeping
Ability to work independently and collaboratively
Experience culturing and infecting cells with Toxoplasma gondii, and bacterial pathogens. 
Experience working with fluorescent microscopy slide preparation, fluorescent microscopy visualization, cell sorting and FACS. 
Prior responsibility for large and small research projects. 
Experience reading scientific literature in immunology, genomics, evolution and disease. 
Knowledge Requirements
Required: Knowledge of: clean immunological technique used in pathogen rearing and eukaryotic cell care; Immunological/genetic techniques such as PCR, nucleic acid extraction, ELISA.  FACS. 
Knowledge of life cycle of intracellular pathogens Yersinia pestis, Toxoplasma gondii. 
The ideal candidate for this job is a recent graduate and interested in infectious disease. Candidates should have experience reading scientific literature in immunology, genomics, evolution and disease, and an interest in infectious disease. Please visit the lab’s website for more information Individuals interested in this position should send a CV and cover letter along with the names and contact information of two references to Dr. Brinkworth at, by September 24, 2018.