Update: Call for essays from women in science on surviving the exodus


I am humbled by how many of you have reached out to us to share your stories. My website was only indexed a few days before the call went out and within hours of the call’s release, that particular post had been viewed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times and the numbers keep climbing.  The emails proposing titles for personal essays just keep rolling in. Every proposed essay has been deeply relevant and important to discuss. Your enthusiasm is so infectious. Marie-Claire and I are truly honoured to be able to work on this project with you.

We are so excited to see what the next week brings.

Given the enthusiasm you have shown and have generated (Tumblr and Facebook posters and those tweeting in the world – wow. Thanks so much!)  we are trying to cast the net really far this week, so that we can get the broadest representation of women and their experiences in the sciences as possible. If you have a story to share please contact us. If you know someone who might be interested in contributing to this effort, please pass along the link to the call . If you would prefer to pass along a pdf, you can find it here  -> Call for Women in Science_final .

Thanks again for your excitement and encouragement.