J.F. Brinkworth, PhD.
Negin Valizadegan, MS
Principal Investigator
Evolution of immune function, variation in infectious and chronic disease, inflammation, primate health, evolutionary medicine
Doctoral student, Anthropology
Microbiome, Evolution primate immune systems, Ecology and Management of Biodiversity, Conservation Biology and Genetics, Behavior and Evolution, Habitat Evaluation
Kathrine Van Etten
Ecology and disease, vector-borne disease, Toxoplasma gondii, emerging infectious diseases, past epidemics,  immune system evolution 
Research technician
Yaravi Suárez Cedeño 
Minkyu (Mike) Woo
Undergraduate research assistant, Anthropology
photo credit: Invisiverse
photo credit: Invisiverse
Nicole Mittelsteadt
Undergraduate student, Anthropology
Human evolution, genetics and disease, human immune system function and evolution, clinical pathology, biological basis of human behavior
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