Do 5G Network waves affect COVID19 infection?


and no.

This argument part of an evolving body of disinformation on 5G networks. The current argument is that somehow the 5G Network, wireless technology supporting cell data/phones, is somehow interfering with COVID patient immunity. Previous arguments included that it is somehow contributing to cancer and autism. Sound familiar? It should – it’s an argument that has been made and disproven for a wide variety of other technologies. In the case of 5G and COVID19 –¬†no clear mechanism is ever proposed and there is no data that supports any correlation between these conditions, or slow healing and 5G network.

This disinformation has been reliably tied to well funded disinformation troll-farms that develop and post such lies on social media. You can read more that here and here. The motive for the disinformation has been attributed to economic competition over wireless technologies between nations.

The disinformation is proving effective. There are reports of 5G towers being set on fire in the UK this month.

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